Making Gasoline Appear From Thin Air

Nov 2nd, 2012 | By Nicole Rogers

British scientists have successfully produced just over a gallon of gasoline using carbon dioxide from the air and hydrogen from water. Air Fuel Synthesis, the company behind the process, hopes that within two years it will build a larger, commercial-scale plant capable of producing a ton of petrol a day. The global energy implications of literally extracting carbon dioxide from the air to make gasoline are considerable.
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Food System

How To Make The Food System More Energy Efficient

Oct 12th, 2012 | By Nicole Rogers

This article was originally published in Scientific American, and is republished on the Sustainable America blog with the permission of the author, Dr. Michael E. Webber. "Examining our food supply through the lens of energy use reveals opportunities for smart policies, innovative technologies and new dietary choices that can potentially solve food and energy problems together. The same steps would also make our bodies, and our ecosystems, healthier."
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