A New Toolkit for Community Change

Nov 18th, 2019 | By Sustainable America

In the movement to make our society more sustainable and resilient there is no one right approach, no silver bullet that will solve all our food and fuel problems. It’s going to take changes big and small, from major food system shifts to individual choices. But in between lies an area full of potential to influence both ends of the spectrum: communities.

Person-to-person and neighbor-to-neighbor environmental actions can help positive behaviors ripple through a community. Working together toward positive changes also lifts our spirits, creates much need social connection, multiplies our impact, and leaves us wanting to do even more.

In that spirit, we’ve assembled a toolkit full of ideas that you can do in community to improve sustainability in three areas: food, environment, and fuel. Since every community is different, these are jumping-off points, complete with resources, that you can use to make these projects your own. And how you define community is up to you — it could be your neighborhood or apartment building, workplace, place of worship, or school.

We encourage you to also survey what’s already happening in your community. Search for groups on Meetup or Facebook, or look for local chapters of national environmental organizations. Does your church or school have an environmental committee or club? Tap into what they are doing, invite others, and bring some of these ideas to the table.

If you’re ready to make a difference, browse through this guide and pick a project, grab some friends and dig in.

What is your community doing to improve sustainability? We’d like to feature your stories! Visit sustainableamerica.org/contact to tell us your story about the projects and changemakers in your community.

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