Sustainable America

Sustainable America is an environmental 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to make the nation’s food and fuel systems more efficient and resilient. Through broad public education we work to reduce oil usage and increase food availability in the United States.


Sustainable America was founded by Nick Tiller in 2012. During his career as a hedge fund portfolio manager in the energy and agriculture sectors, Nick became increasingly concerned about the vulnerable state of our food and fuel systems. Nick founded Sustainable America to focus national attention on these intertwined issues.

What We Believe

We believe that attainable behavioral changes, like turning off our engines instead of idling, buying hybrid cars, supporting local food sources, and reducing food waste are critical to building sustainable fuel and food systems. We also believe in the power of entrepreneurs and markets to effect positive change.

Our Goals

Our Goals

Finding sustainable ways to meet our long-term food and fuel needs is essential to the future of our country and planet. That's why we've set out to reach two important goals by 2035: increase food availability by 50% and reduce oil consumption by 50%. Achieving these foundational goals will help preserve our environment, strengthen our economy and make millions of lives better.

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