A Toolkit for Strengthening Your Local Food System

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Jun 29th, 2020 | By Sustainable America

When we think about food, we most often think in terms of eating. What will I have for lunch? Which recipe should I try? When should we eat tonight? Should we order takeout?

The food we eat exists on a spectrum. Supermarkets may appear limitless in scope, but in reality only offer a fraction of the true variety that exists due to freshness, distribution, budget and marketing concerns. In the race to feed millions of Americans, local producers and the foods they make regularly get left by the wayside.

Local food has the power not only to nourish, but to connect and energize the people within our communities. It has the ability to empower people to make a living, to learn new skills, to connect with the people around them, to become advocates and activists, and to explore new ingredients, flavors and tastes.

Local food truly is powerful and we at Sustainable America believe it is vital to support and engage in local food systems. In that spirit, we’ve launched Building a Better Local Food System, our newest toolkit for individuals and communities to take action.

Filled with tips and insights for food lovers of all skill and knowledge levels of local food, this toolkit offers ideas and resources for strengthening the local food systems in your community—from shopping at farmers markets to growing your own food to investing in and advocating for local food businesses.

Together we can make our communities stronger and more resilient all while enjoying delicious local food. Download the toolkit today to start exploring ways you can take action and share it with friends and family members so they can join in on the local food fun!

Have examples of how you or others have worked to strengthen your local food system? We’d like to feature your stories! Visit sustainableamerica.org/contact to share your stories and projects with us.

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