Americans Want More Renewable Fuel

Jul 24th, 2013 | By Nicole Rogers

Americans have had their fill of volatile gasoline prices, due at least in part to the impact those prices have on normal family activities. A poll of 1,000 adults commissioned by renewable-fuel advocate Fuels America found that when gas prices rise, American households make sacrifices to social, family-related activities, The Baltimore Sun reports.

-55 percent take fewer road trips to visit friends and family.

-27 percent eat out less.

-17 percent cut back on shopping for clothes.

-12 percent spend less on birthday and holiday gifts.

The poll also found that 80 percent of Americans think the U.S. should use more renewable fuel, and three out of four people polled said they would like more renewable fuel options at gas stations. The poll shows that Americans closely link national security and fuel security, with 69% of Americans believing that replacing oil imports with renewable fuel production is “critical” to national security.

Sustainable America’s recent public opinion poll also revealed broad support for renewable fuel sources and energy independence, with 84 percent of voters (with strong bipartisan support) believing energy independence should be a national goal and 6 in 10 Americans supporting an “all of the above” strategy that includes alternative and renewable fuels and a continued search for existing domestic oil and natural gas.

Sustainable America supports energy independence and the reduction of oil consumption for transportation using an energy strategy that includes alternatives like electricity, natural gas, and advanced biofuels, as well as more widespread rideshare and public transportation use and behavioral changes like anti-idling and ecodriving.

Sustainable America has set a goal for the reduction of oil usage in the American economy, and targets a 50% reduction from today’s levels by 2035. One great way to reduce our nation’s oil usage and dependence is to eliminate unnecessary idling by turning your car off when not in traffic. Check out our anti-idling video and take our anti-idling pledge today!

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