First Look: Our New Headquarters

Feb 19th, 2014 | By Amy Leibrock

Here at Sustainable America, we have three goals: to raise awareness about the fragility of our nation’s food and transportation fuel systems; to take action to improve their sustainability; and to support entrepreneurs working to strengthen these systems. So when it came time to design permanent office space for our organization in Stamford, Conn., our dream was for it to be more than just a collection of desks and conference rooms—we wanted to showcase what we are trying to achieve.

This week, we’re finally moving into that new space, and while it’s not completely finished, we wanted to share some of the plans.


To show how food can be grown indoors, in small spaces, at high efficiency, we will have a growing wall from Land Escapes and a functioning aquaponics system on display. We will have several types of operating composting technologies available for view as well, including a table-top composting machine that can turn kitchen scraps into compost in a few days, and a worm bin, to show how this can be done easily indoors or out.

To demonstrate the future of sustainable transportation, we will have a rotating stable of electric cars parked inside the space, starting with a Fisker Karma. We will have technology on display from a company called IdleAir that provides efficient auxiliary power to long-haul truckers allowing them to heat their cabins and access TV and the Internet during rest stops without idling their engines.


And that’s just the beginning. The displays will change as we discover new innovations. We will also be able to use the space to host a variety of events and programs that enhance our mission, such as Stamford Green Drinks, emerging entrepreneur showcases, youth education sessions—and even sustainable birthday parties.

We’re excited about this new space and the potential it holds. If you’re in Stamford, we invite you to stop by 700 Canal Street and see it for yourself.

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