8 Reasons to Turn Off an Idling Car

Oct 31st, 2017 | By Amy Leibrock

It happens, we know. You’re picking up a friend, waiting for a food order, or just trying to warm up your car on cold morning — and you leave it running for a little while. It’s easy to let those minutes tick by, but getting into the habit of turning your car off when you’ll be idle for more than 10 seconds can make a big difference for your pocketbook and the planet.

We put together this infographic to illustrate the many benefits of turning off your car. Be part of the solution by taking our pledge to Turn It Off when you’ll be idle for more than 10 seconds.

8 Reasons to Turn Off an Idling Car Infographic

Visit iturnitoff.com to pledge to stop idling and find more information and resources.

1, 2, 3: Based on research from Argonne National Laboratory. Visit Clean Cities for information and resources.

2: Cost based on $2.466 average gas price on 10/31/2017.

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American Lung Association

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World Health Organization

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