New Anti-Idling Toolkit: Take Action in Your Community

Jul 9th, 2019 | By Sustainable America

In the United States, nearly 4 million gallons of fuel (enough to fill five Olympic-size swimming pools!) is wasted every day as a result of unnecessary passenger vehicle idling. Unnecessary idling is bad for our health, bad for the environment, and most of all, bad for our wallets. Individually, we each waste two to four tanks of gasoline per year, just by idling.

Most people don’t mean to be so wasteful — they just don’t really even think about it. They may be following the outdated notion that restarting your car wastes more gas than letting it run. Once you point out the facts to a driver, they’re usually more than willing to change their behavior.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a new I Turn It Off Anti-Idling Toolkit to raise awareness and take action on this important issue.

About The Toolkit

At a time when air pollution is on the rise and climate change is a looming problem, people are searching for ways to make a difference. We designed the I Turn It Off toolkit to make it easy for anyone to get involved and make a positive impact on their community and environment. In it, you will find creative ideas, advice, and tools for taking action on your own or in groups to help reduce vehicle idling, along with printable resources to support your efforts.

Download the Anti-Idling Toolkit
Download the Anti-Idling Toolkit


The I Turn It Off Toolkit will help you:

  • Raise awareness in your community
  • Rally people around the idling issue
  • Organize a pledge drive
  • Host a film screening
  • Write a letter to the editor about idling
  • Spread the word at your school, workplace or place of worship
  • Get involved with government

Download the toolkit and printable resources to get started. Help us make turning off the engine rather than idling as natural as wearing a seatbelt!

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