The Back-to-School Rule Every Parent Needs to Know

Aug 25th, 2017 | By Sustainable America

As kids head back to school around the country, here’s one school rule every parent needs to follow: turn off your car when you’re waiting near a school.

Air monitoring at schools typically finds “hot spots” of air pollution during pick-up times, which is a direct result of idling vehicles. We just launched a new infographic (below) explaining more about this problem.

Please take our back-to-school pledge to stop idling at For an even bigger impact, challenge your school community to take the pledge too. Spread the message with the infographic below or the video we created. They can be posted on school Facebook pages, newsletters and websites.

Infographic asking parents to pledge to stop idling at school

Reducing vehicle idling is one easy way to green your school community. Parents who limit idling will also enjoy fuel savings, help cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the air pollution they’re breathing as well. Join thousands of parents who’ve already decided to stop idling and take the pledge today.

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