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Jun 7th, 2012 | By Aubrey Yee

Sunizona family farms in Arizona is a veganic farm. Started in 1996 and family run, the farm produces a variety of greens, cucumbers, tomatos, herbs and a variety of seasonal vegetables, 98% of which are sold only in Arizona.

The motto behind ‘Veganic Growing’ is simply “growing without cruelty”. This form of agriculture takes any cruelty to animals completely out of the equation. What that means is that no product derived from a confined or slaughtered animal - fertilizer, manure, fish meal, etc. - is used in the growing process.

The idea is that heavy industrial livestock production has a huge impact on the environment and the animals processed live in suffering. So free range animals can be raised on a veganic farm and used to create fertilizers, but no animals will be harmed during any part of the growing process.

To substitute for the bone meal, manure, fish meal and other animal products usually used in organic and other agriculture, veganic farmers use mulch, vegetable compost, green manure, chipped branch wood, crop rotation and polyculture to create greater soil and plant productivity. Veganic farmers also reduce their use of fossil fuels because they try to obtain all the sources of fertility directly on their farm.

Veganic farming is yet another way for farmers to go beyond organic and differentiate their products from the big organic producers. Cruelty free and sustainable.




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