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Fuel Impact &

Nearly every action or decision consumes fossil fuels in some way. Take our quiz and explore how you can modify fuel-heavy habits for a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Fuel Impact & Awareness
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Fuel Impact Quiz

Assess your fuel impact in four categories and discover facts about fossil fuel use.


Download our checklist of tips and actions to quickly start lowering your fuel impact.

Share With Friends

Help your friends and family learn about the impact of fossil fuels by sharing How Do You Fuel.

Food Waste

As much as 40% of the food produced in the United States is going to waste, yet 49 million Americans struggle with food insecurity. Get the tools to help prevent food waste at I Value Food.

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I Value Food
Food Waste Prevention

Quiz yourself

How much food do you really waste? Take the quiz, and get personalized tips based on your results.

kitchen Challenge

Learn how to reduce food waste and save money by taking the 4-week I Value Food Challenge alone or with a group.

ideas for Action

Here are eight steps you can take to help reduce food waste in your home, community and across the nation!


Vehicle idling wastes 12 million gallons of fuel daily in the United States. Pledge to stop idling, and get tools to start anti-idling campaigns in your community.

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I Turn It Off
Learn more about I Turn It Off

Idling Pledge

Take the I Turn It Off pledge to idle for no longer than 10 seconds when not in traffic.

idle-free Schools

Improve air quality at your school by raising awareness about idling.

ideas for Action

Get ideas and resources for reducing idling in your community by downloading our anti-idling toolkit.


Shared Earth connects people who have land with people who want to garden or farm. Search listings and message with nearby gardeners or landowners to get started on your next garden.

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Shared Earth
Learn more about Shared Earth


Connect with groups who are rescuing, preparing, and distributing food that would otherwise be wasted to the needy in their communities through the Food Rescue Locator.

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Food Rescue Locator

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