Eco-Conscious Food and Fuel Gifts for the Whole Family

Dec 8th, 2023 | By Chelsea Graham

Tis the season to buy gifts for our loved ones! But what do you get for someone who is trying to be eco-conscious? Buying second-hand, giving items that will last, and gifting things that they really need are all great approaches. Whether you’re buying for a mom, dad, grandparents, sibling, or chosen family, we have options for you.

For the garden

If your loved one is an avid gardener, think about getting them some gloves that are built to last or tools with a lifetime guarantee. If they already have a supply of beautiful long-lasting tools, gift them a kit to sharpen, clean, and maintain them. Help them expand their food forest with a gift certificate for fruit or nut trees from a local nursery. A compost bin for the kitchen or garden can be super handy. Or spruce up their veggie and herb garden with some adorable labels like these upcycled spoons or a whole other range of hand-made beauties. The countertop potting bin is a smash hit for indoor herb growers stuck inside in cold snowy weather over winter.

Gardening shears and tools. Photo by Alabama Extension, used under Public Domain

For the playroom - and beyond

For the kiddo interested in the garden, get them their own tools. You can also pick out books to continue encouraging and inspiring their interest in gardening, gathering food, and cooking. Little ones can learn about eco-friendly transport with a train set or an electric car toy. To cut back on waste at bathtime, invest in washable bath toys and a sprayer to cut back on water usage.

For the kitchen

Avid cooks will love books that help them avoid food waste at home, like the Leftovers Cookbook and Cook What You Have. If you have a thriving sourdough starter, think about gifting part to someone else. And if you want to get really spicy, buy them some cricket flour or an entire cricket farm for their kitchen. You can also go home-made, and give them your favorite recipes on cute recipe cards.

A local bike shop in Austin, Texas Photo by Eric Wittman, used under CC BY-ND 2.0 DEED

For the road

Keep your loved one safe while they’re biking or scootering around town with gear like a helmet, lights, bell, or more. A maintenance & repair kit & accessories might be another great gift, or warm gloves or a nice bike bag. Or let them pick their own with a gift card for a local bike shop - never underestimate the investment in a new set of pedals, for example! For the loved one who wants to bike more but doesn’t have their own, think about an annual subscription to bikeshare.

For those of us bound to our cars, think about little gifts to improve gas mileage: A really nice snow brush scrape or a tire gage go a long way. A good pair of driving gloves are also great, they don’t warm up the car too long before you get in. An Amtrak gift card will help your loved one travel sustainably in style.

For giving back

There are tons of organizations doing amazing work to make the world a better place. Giving a donation can be a great way to show how much you care about your loved one and the causes that matter to them. With Heifer International, your gift goes to buy an animal for a family in need. Chickens, cows, goats, and other livestock keep families fed with eggs and milk, and can also be a source of additional income so they can purchase other food they need. If sustainable fuel is more your person’s game, find a non-profit advocating for clean energy near you and donate in their name.

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