Our Guide to Wasting Less and Building a Sustainable Home

Feb 4th, 2021 | By Sustainable America

For many of us, our homes are everything. It’s where we relax and unwind, eat and spend time with our families, where we work and play, celebrate and make memories. A place to live and grow.

We all have a list of ways we’d like our current (or future) homes to be better. Whether it’s a big home improvement project or small tweaks, tasks and reminders, we’re always working to make our home life simpler, safer and more special.

One of the ways our team—and many of our readers—look to improve their homes is by incorporating low-waste or zero-waste practices into their day to day routines and lifestyles.

From reducing food waste in our kitchens and dining rooms, to making smart energy choices with our lighting and electronics, to being more thoughtful about what we use, reuse and dispose of — our homes are filled with opportunities to be less wasteful and reduce our negative impacts.

It is these opportunities and habits that inspired us to develop our newest interactive toolkit: Waste Less At Home: A Room by Room Guide to Incorporating Sustainability Into Your Life.

Featuring advice, tips and a handy checklists to take from room to room, Waste Less At Home is a perfect jumping off point for those looking to build a more sustainable home and incorporate low-waste ideas and tactics in their daily lives.

Whether you’re a no-waste novice or a zero-waste veteran, we hope you download the toolkit, explore the ideas and join us on a journey to being less wasteful!

Have any zero-waste or low-waste tips we don’t cover in the guide? Feel free to share them with us on Instagram, Twitter or via email.

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