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Jun 6th, 2012 | By Aubrey Yee

Whether you want to save energy because you know it’s good for the planet or because you know it’s good for your wallet, this new app for your smart phone can definitely help.

“EnergySaver allows you to analyze your current and estimate your future energy consumption instead of just analyzing or tracking past energy consumption. EnergySaver also enables you to customize and analyze each appliance’s energy consumption instead of just the overall consumption. By analyzing each appliance’s current energy consumption, you can make real changes that will translate into more money in your wallet.” (source)

The app works with iOS and Android platforms. Creators claim that it can cut your electric bill up to 10% simply by eliminating phantom loads from your household appliances. Beyond that you can begin to recognize which appliances consume the most energy and start changing your behavior to save energy and save money. The app allows multiple household profiles so you can monitor your house, your parent’s house, or should you be so blessed, your second home.

With pre-populated average rate information for all 50 states, you can compare your energy use to others in your community to see where you fall on the spectrum. The same app will also analyze your water usage and rates.

To learn more and download the app, visit Energy Saver.

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