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Dec 20th, 2013 | By Amy Leibrock

Dear Sustainable America Supporters,

In recent years, as many Americans feel a financial squeeze at the gas pump or the grocery store, there is not always a good understanding of the larger forces at work. Though the food and fuel markets have always been somewhat connected, this connection has grown stronger as we have begun to turn food into ethanol to supplement our oil supply. This interconnectedness has a negative impact on economic growth, strains household budgets, especially for low-income populations, and threatens our national security.

That’s why Sustainable America was founded: To raise awareness about how these markets work and give everyday Americans tools to effect change for the better.

As the year comes to an end, we’re asking for your help to implement more programs for a sustainable future. Please consider including a tax-deductible donation to Sustainable America as part of your year-end charitable giving.

Donate to Sustainable America

We’re still a young organization, but we’ve accomplished some big things over the past year. Here are some highlights:


In June, we aunched the I Turn It Off” anti-idling campaign, which has generated thousands of pledges and will save a minimum of 100,000 gallons of fuel per year.
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In 2013, we organized food waste collection efforts at events like Stamford, Connecticut’s Alive @ Five summer concert series and the SXSW Eco conference. where we re-directed more than 97% of the waste from landfills to more productive uses.
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We’ve made investments in two early-stage companies that seek to increase sustainability in our food system. Aerofarms is an aeroponic indoor growing company that produces vegetables with lower commodity inputs than field farming and increases the resiliency of the food system; Spensa Technologies is a company that uses technology to monitor agricultural pests in real-time, enabling farmers to head off infestations before they happen, reducing the need for heavy spraying of pesticides. We’ll be looking to make investments in transportation efficiency and transportation technologies that reduce oil usage in 2014.

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We produce new infographics and blog content every month that explain food and fuel issues and provide practical advice for how to make sustainable changes in our everyday lives. Click here to see more of our infographics

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Sustainable America has cultivated partnerships with influential media properties which regularly feature our infographics and help amplify our message to millions of Americans.

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Will you help us implement more programs for a sustainable future?

Your contribution will help us continue the work we’ve started, spread the sustainability message even further, and build a more sustainable America. And if you give by December 31, 2013, your donation will be eligible for a 2013 tax deduction.

Donate to Sustainable America

Thank you for your loyalty and support,

The Sustainable America Team

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