How to Compost a Halloween Pumpkin

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Oct 31st, 2013 | By Amy Leibrock

It might be a stretch to think of pumpkins as food once they’re carved and lit and spooky. But just as many resources went into growing your toothy jack o’lantern as did your lunch—and it will produce just as much planet-wrecking methane as it rots. If you don’t want to be haunted by thoughts of your orange orbs contributing to the 40% of food we waste in this country, there are alternatives.

Some areas collect pumpkins with yard waste, others don’t. Check with your municipality first. Or, you can compost the pumpkins yourself—even if you don’t have a compost pile—using handy this guide from the Environmental Industry Association. (And if you’re doing the carving tonight, don’t forget to roast the seeds.)

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