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Dec 28th, 2012 | By Aubrey Yee

As the end of 2012 draws near, Sustainable America would like to thank you, the readers of the Sustainable America Blog. In this, our first year, we have posted on topics related to the nexus of food and fuel in this country. As a result, many of our posts address both food and fuel issues. Stories about our fuel system are geared at informing and offering valuable tips for saving fuel and making this a more resilient America.

Here are 2012’s top five posts on fuel issues. If you haven’t already read them, please take the time now. We hope they provide food for thought and fuel for change!

1. What Is Ecodriving?
At a time when gas prices just seem to keep rising, we offer these low cost, easy tips for saving gas while you drive. By following some of the Golden Rules of ecodriving like anticipating traffic flow, and keeping your tire pressure at an optimum level, you can be on your way to saving money and limiting carbon emissions for the new year ahead.

2. Smart Highways of the Future - Cool things coming down the pike
The Dutch designers at Studio Roosgaarde have won various design awards for their forward thinking highways of the future. Integrating technologies like dynamic paint and the ability to charge your electric vehicle while driving, their far-out ideas are actually going into real life freeways in Denmark next year!

3. Bikes make life better… and people healthier!
Ever heard of an “organizational bike consultancy?” Well, Bikes Make Life Better is just such a company. They’ve helped the likes of Apple, Williams Sonoma and Facebook integrate bikes into their corporate culture so that employees can improve their health, happiness and carbon footprint while biking to and from work.

4. Our Fuel Gauge is Broken - yet another sign of the dangers of complacency
This piece from 13D research highlights the vulnerabilities of our fuel supply systems in America. Looking at the post-Superstorm Sandy fuel shortages in New York and New Jersey, the authors explore where weak points lie and how we can make our fuel systems more resilient for the future.

5. Gallons Per Mile - Changing the way we think about fuel efficiency
It’s not miles per gallon you should think about when trading out that old gas guzzler for a newer, more gas efficient vehicle. We’ll show you how switching the metric to think instead about gallons per mile will help you make the best choices in fuel efficiency for your family.

Here’s to a Happy New Year, and a more sustainable America in 2013!

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