Replate, a simple concept

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Jun 10th, 2012 | By Aubrey Yee

Replate - to place unwanted leftovers, typically in a doggie bag, on top of the nearest trash can so they don’t go to waste.

A simple concept, Replate was the brainchild of Language in Common founder Josh Kamler. The idea is designed to fight food waste by encouraging diners, particularly in urban environments, to take their leftovers to go even if they don’t intend to eat them.

Just leave the doggie bag with your extra food on top of a trash can. That way, the next homeless (or hungry!) person who comes along will be able to pick up the food and enjoy a good meal.

When you realize that some 40% of the food produced in America is not being consumed, it’s clear that we need to do all we can to curb food waste. So next time you’re out to eat, don’t leave the restaurant without your leftovers, Replate them!

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