The Volt and the Supertanker

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Jun 5th, 2012 | By Nicole Rogers

2012 Chevy Volt photo courtesy GM under Creative Commons 3.0 License

GM says drivers of the Chevy Volt have saved 2.1 million gallons, or a supertanker, of gas by driving their vehicles in electric mode. Volt drivers drive electrically about 60 percent of the time, with the car’s extended mileage kicking in the rest of the time. Volt owners typically drive an average of 900 miles between fill ups at the gas station. The company hopes to court an even larger pool of energy-conscious drivers with some pretty dazzling statistics.

According to Chevrolet, the 40 Million Total Electric Miles (EV) already driven are equivalent to:

16,373 trips across the United States (2,443 miles from New York to Los Angeles)
1,606 trips around the Earth (24,901 miles each)
167 trips to the Moon (238,657 miles each)
2,130,000 Gallons of Gas Saved, which is equivalent to:

50,714 barrels of gas saved (42 gallons of gas per barrel)
$8 million saved at the gas pump (based on $3.80/gallon of gas)
387 U.S. semi-truck tankers of gas saved (5,500 gallons of gas each)
One supertanker of gas saved (2 million gallons of gas)

With more electric and hybrid cars on the market every year, there is reason to be hopeful for even better statistics in the future.


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